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June 24-26, 2016
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Childcare: C&K Qld Conference

Queensland Early Education and Care Conference 

Our Children, Our Communities, Our Future

24 – 26 June 2016

The Queensland Early Childhood Annual Conference, Brisbane is the largest conference of early childhood professionals across Queensland attracting over 700 delegates. Educators, sector representatives, resource and education partners come together to focus on sharing knowledge, thinking and practice.

Our Children

This strand celebrates and explores the diversity and complexity of children and childhood in contemporary Australia and the implications for education and care pedagogy, quality and practice. C&K honours the child as competent and capable and invites papers that support raising children’s voices and viewing children as global active citizens. Considerations for service delivery models that promote child/family/educator collaboration in education and care, inclusion, health and wellbeing are invited.

Our Communities

Early childhood education and care services are strongly embedded within community. How can we work more collaboratively to strengthen outcomes and opportunities for children and families? What are effective partnerships and how can we work in more innovative ways?  This broad topic may include papers that inform such areas as family and community wellbeing, community design, child friendly communities, family and domestic violence, school partnerships, sustainability and community leadership.

Our Future

We operate in a world of constant change. What should we consider and explore to be ready for tomorrow and beyond for children, families, community, educators, and at a policy level? Possible areas may include access to quality programs, sustainability, technology, globalisation, poverty, family complexity, funding, policy directions and social justice. What will the future of early childhood education and care look like?

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