Student Support Services - Educare Training Institute

Student Support Services

Every student has different learning journeys and abilities, and some requiring additional support. At Educare College, we aim to ensure that all our students enjoy their time in Australia and are committed to make your learning experience easier.

Educare College provides all our students access to our on-site Student Counsellor. Our Student Counsellor has extensive professional experience working within the community services sector, specialising in employment and educational support for adults facing a wide variety of challenges.

Our Student Counsellor’s specific areas of expertise include mental health, accessing services for support, navigating Government Departments, such as Centrelink, informal counselling, managing stress, developing Learning Support Plans, targeted employment or training support, and any other individualised support students might need.

Our Student Counsellor is very approachable, compassionate, and dedicated to providing our students with any assistance required to be successful in their chosen studies.